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What’s in a name?


In the New Year we are introducing a new BEST award – Chosen by You…  Pupils will get to nominate and vote for a pupil they think deserves a special class award.  In the Friday award assembly they will be presented by the class their award with a reason why they were the BEST.


But we have a problem…  We can’t think of a name for the award!  One teacher thought of BEST Value but it sounds a little like a supermarket own brand label!  So over the holiday have a think of a name for the certificate.  Post your idea on the Blog below and we will pick the best idea for our Class BEST Award.


Bread Experiment


Today we observed our bread experiments and answered some questions about what they looked like. We also talked about our predictions, that we made, to see if we were right or wrong. Our observations were very accurate and precise. By Zahra