Stepping back in time


Can you imagine being told that you must move to the countryside because the country is at war? In 1939, thousands of children were evacuated from busy cities like: London, Manchester and Birmingham. Children were sent away to small towns and villages to live with host families and the only way they could communicate with their family was the postal service! When was the last time you wrote a letter?

In today’s lesson, children stepped back in time and into the shoes of those evacuees in the Second World War. We wrote postcards to our families to inform them how we were settling into our new, countryside home.


Ahoy Captain Holbrook!


It’s been a really exciting start to our new English topic – you guessed it – PIRATES!

Year 6 set off on an adventure today (given from their captains) to make sensible predictions of pirate story books. Children used their inference skills to battle against their fellow pirates to please their captain. Some children even earned themselves pots of gold (BEST points) for completing their adventure and we were very pleased that nobody needed to walk the plank!


Captain Dhillon, Captain Hernon & Captain Gould

(Shiver me timbers)

Maths & PEE


Year 6 spent their maths lesson learning how to P.E.E (Point, Evidence & Explain) to develop their confidence when reasoning.

Children worked collaboratively in groups to earn BEST points for writing the most convincing responses to a variety of mathematical statements.

In year 6 it is extremely crucial that each child develops independence and confidence so that they can: make their point/statement clearly; evidence their points/statement and then finally explain their reasoning behind their statement and evidence!

World War II


In Year 6, we explore and learn all about life in the 1930s including the second world war.

Today, the children learned key facts about WWII and researched newspaper articles to help them produce a timeline of events!

Todays lesson ended on September 3rd 1939 when Britain and France declared war against Germany.

We can’t wait to continue our learning journey about the Second World War!

Happy learning!

Year 6!

Staying safe online.


With the start of the new school year we revisit all we have learned about internet safety and how as we get older it is still relevant, in fact as we get even more competent with a computer we can do far more so come in contact with far more people in the digital world.

We know that in school we have filters and monitoring software that is used to keep us safe but sometimes even with these in place we need to TELL an adult when we feel uncomfortable.

Remember our school computer rules.

  • Don’t switch off the program or close the screen.
  • Only use technology when you are supervised by an adult.
  • Close the laptop or turn over an iPad.
  • Tell an Adult.

But we don’t just use computers in school we use them outside, where there aren’t as many filters in place.

BBC Newsround – Online Safety Special

Topical Thursday!


This term Year 6 will be learning all about the Second World War and life during the 1930’s.

Today the children learnt all about L.S. Lowry, a famous artist for painting industrial districts in the North West of England. After observing some of Lowrys’ artwork the children were then tasked with creating a piece of artwork of their own in a similar style of L.S. Lowry.