Please send all completed work, answers or questions to the Year 6 team

E-mail –

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    1. Hi Muayyad,
      There are 8 children per class and they sit 2 meters apart. If you were to come to school then you will be with 7 other children. Through out the day you will have to maintain your 2 meters distance and the cleaners with come every 2 hour to clean the tables and chairs. If you have any more question please feel free to ask as we are here to help.
      Have a good day!!!
      Year 6 learning

    1. Hi Muayyad
      Please check the blog daily click today’s date then click the image on the right to access your English, Maths and Science learning for today.

      Hope this helps

      Year 6 Team

  1. I have sent you emails of my English , reading , spelling and math work did you get all of them?

  2. theres a red herring in the calculation sheet its ment to be 793,428 – 349,376 the answer is 444,052 but you have put 9 insteasd of five so the right answer is 5

  3. theres a red herring on the calculation sheet its ment to be 793,428 – 349,376 and the answer is 444,052 but you have put a nine instead of 5

  4. Do you have to add the best points year 6 team sends on email or do you have to add only the best points on show casing our best page?
    Or do you have add all of them together to see how many best points you have?

  5. When you set us spelling homework,like today we got a word search how do we do it.
    Do we have to re-write the word search in our books?
    Thank you

  6. Hello, if you didnt know but i have a friend who is going to have her birthday on the 11th May and I have created a home made birthday card, shall i send it to the Year 6 Team to show my card that i have created|?

  7. Hello, because it’s bank holiday today, is it possible to send any photos and recieve best points?

    1. Thank you for your message Aleksandra. You can continue to send us your work and the Year 6 team will evaluate all the work on Monday 11th May and award BEST points.

    1. Hi Adam, if you could complete the maths questions on paper and then send into the email that would be great! This is a better way of sending in work as we don’t want other children seeing the answers! Thank you

      Year 6 team

    1. Morning Maryam!

      Yes that would be lovely! Send in every piece of work you complete, whether its been set or one that you’ve created by yourself! We’d love to see it!

      Year 6 team

  8. Hello, I’m having a huge problem with Third space because every time i log in on my account it always says there are no upcomeing sessions, I’m very worried if im missing lessons, this has been going on for about a month or two.Also I’m pretty sure that i have sended a couple pictures of my work, for now that’s how much i have sended.

    1. Hi Aleksandra,
      Please do not worry too much and if you are stuck then ask us as we are here to help.
      Third space sessions have stopped from 4th April so that’s why you are unable to access any online learning.
      Year 6 team

  9. Hi i’m Hannah and i’m not sure if we are supposed to record in our reading record because before lock-down began,i was in isolation for 7 days because my sister was not well and after my isolation lock-down had started and i left my reading record at school but i’m still reading at home but just not recording it in my reading record because it is still at school.

      1. Hi Alexsandra how are you i hope we will do our year 6 leaving assembly!

      2. Hi Hannah,
        There will be something in place for leaving assembly. Meanwhile we all wish for everyone to be safe and well.
        Year 6 team

  10. Hello this is Hannah and i’m just wondering if we are supposed to upload our work on google drive or on the year 6 email thank you!

    1. Hi Hannah,
      It’s nice to hear from you. We hope you have been keeping safe and well. Yes, you should send some work via email or google drive so you can earn BEST POINTS and sometime we can SHOWCASE it on our blog. It is good to stay in touch with your teachers and if you have any question then feel free to ask us as we are here to help.
      Year 6 team

  11. for maths its 20 17 tens and false because if you add one to 3 its 4 and if you take one away its 2

    1. Hi Adam,
      You can email this to contactyear6 as we don’t want anyone copying your hard work. The answers are revealed at the end of each day.
      Have fun!!
      Year 6 team

      1. Hello Hannah, I miss you, Helsa and Mithula a lot. Can’t wait to meet up again 🙂

  12. After you have finished reading your home books and school books can you fill your reading record with the stories that you’ve listened to on the story time page?Can you also fill your reading record with poems you’ve listened to?

  13. I have been doing loads of work but i’m haveing a problem with sending the things i’ve done,sorry.I’ll try this week to send everything i’ve done.

  14. my favourite book this year is diary of a wimpy kid because there is so much drama and Greg has solve mind boggling problems and he always in a sticky situation

    1. Fabulous!
      Have you read any of the other books by Jeff Kinney? They are really great books and very funny! I’m glad to hear that you have been reading extra books whilst at home!
      Year 6 Team

  15. I also have read diary of a wimpy kid when Greg went near the beach with his ex best friend Rowley. Greg is also my favourite character.Diary of a wimpy kid is a great book {you should read it ]

  16. for reading on Monday 27th April the book I have most recently read is diary of a wimpy kid old school.It is about the town volunteering to shut off the power over the weekend and Greg Heffley goes on a scary school trip.Greg is my favourite character as to solve problems he uses ridiculous soloutions.I would recommend the book to anyone who is looking for funny books with a storyline carrying on across the series and just anyone who likes to read diaries.

    1. Hi Adam
      That’s a great book review! We are glad you have enjoyed reading ‘Diary of a wimpy kid’ . I’m sure other children will want to read this book after your review !

      Year 6 Team

    1. Good Morning Muayyad
      Hope you had a lovely Easter break ! Unfortunately we are unable to add all children’s work to the ‘Showcasing our Best’ tab. However keep looking it could be you next.

      Year 6 Team

    1. Good Morning Muayyad
      Hope you had a lovely Easter break ! Unfortunately we are unable to add all children’s work to the ‘Showcasing our Best’ tab. However keep looking it could be you next.

      Year 6 Team

    1. Hi Umair,
      Don’t worry too much but you can draw the pictures.
      Year 6 team

      Hi Umair,
      If there is something that you do not have a home then don’t worry too much Umair. Just have a go at the activities you can do. They are fun activities so the most important thing is that you enjoy them. Have a lovely two weeks Umair. I can’t wait to see what you do!
      Miss Hernon

    1. Hi Cara,
      Please request your charanga/music password by email ( as for security reason we can not give it to you on comments.
      Year 6 team

  17. Hi Mrs Hernon I will need my third space login password for Thursday at 2:15 tomorrow pls can you send it me early

    1. Hello Muayyad,
      You can send your work via email or GOOGLE DRIVE.
      Your email address:
      firstname.second name2020@holbrook
      Your password:

      Go to year 6 BLOG and select GOOGLE DRIVE, select upload work and carefully follow all the instructions.
      Let us know if you have any problem.
      Year 6 team

    1. Hi Lucy,
      The blog which is accessed through the Holbrook website does not need a password or log in, you can then send your homework in using an email account!
      Hope this helps!
      Year 6 Team

    1. Hi Yosias,
      Thanks for contacting year 6 team. Unfortunately, there has been problem with flash academy login so please don’t worry too much. If there is any news then we will inform you on Year 6 blog.
      Year 6 team

    1. To log out – you just need to press the x button on the top right hand part of the screen. If you are on an ipad or iphone you can just close the app by swiping from the bottom of the screen.

      Hope this helps

  18. I tried to log in on kahoot but something went wrong and now I cant do kahoot it wont connect

    1. Hi Muayyad

      If you e-mail us we can give you, your log in details via email. Unfortunately we can not give you the details on this blog for security reasons.

      Year 6 Team

    1. Hi Yusuf,
      Could you tell us which part of the maths you don’t understand and someone will help you! Or you can take a look at the answers and see if this helps!
      Miss Fitzpatrick

    1. Hello,
      Miss Fitzpatrick here, I’m sorry but you seem to have missed the thirdspace slot today! Also could you tell me the childs name as I do not recognise the name this message is sent from?

    1. Hi Mithula!
      Music is a subject which is very important and would of thought would be something you’d enjoy! Would be lovely to see some work from the music page!
      Miss Fitzpatrick

  19. Can you send a photo of you doing a workout with joe wicks on email or do you have to send on facebook or twitter?

    1. Hi Mithula,
      Yes, that’s right and one day the best learners will be announced on school’s blog.
      Keep working hard and you never know it could be you!!!!!
      Year 6 team

  20. When we do the fun activity if the crystal should we take photos everyday until the crystal forms?

    1. Hi Mithula,
      Well done for taking part and you don’t have to take photos everyday. Maybe keep an eye on it every day and once you have noticed a small crystal forming, then start taking photos.
      Have fun!!!!!
      Year 6 team

    1. Hi Adam

      I will check about Google Slides. If you try it and see how it goes.
      Did you find the link for Google drive on home page?
      Or you can email and upload you work from there.

      Year 6 Team

    1. Hi Kim,
      If you go onto the main page, there is a section called “google drive” if you click on that, then click the link to today’s or fridays link!
      Miss Fitzpatrick

    1. Yes of course Alisha. The Year 6 team will be looking at the work and updating work Monday to Friday between 8am and 3pm but you can send work at anytime in the evening or weekend. You’ll just have to wait patiently until Monday to receive feedback.

  21. Did you receive my emails (one is an activity from the Holbrook challenge and the other one is a tower of books from the daily challenge)

  22. How do we use the google drive and how shall we go on it because when I go on it it says business or personal what shall I do

    1. HI Alishba

      Yes you do. If you check the home page on this blog it will tell you daily which pages you should do. You will receive the answers to the CGP books when we are back at school. I hope you are enjoying using this blog! Well done for all the work you’ve been doing so far.

      Year 6 Team

  23. I’m really sorry if I keep interrupting you but have you received my next email of a den – one of the Holbrook challenge activities?

    1. Hi Mithula

      Don’t be sorry that’s what we are here for! Yes we have you email of your den.
      Its amazing! Enjoy your time in the there ! Well done!

      Year 6 Team

      1. What if we don’t go back to school and if we go back to school will these book be finished

  24. For third space when i put the persons name it says it wrong or incorrect what should i do

    1. Hi Kim,
      Sorry we could not have fixed this sooner, maybe give it another go when the next session is happening?
      You will be informed in advance when this is!
      Miss Fitzpatrick

    1. Alisha, please click this link and then enter your email details and password to log onto your account.

      Then to send an email you press the big cross + and type our email address into the “to” section

      Then write you message in the box that says “compose”.

      To attach a document press the paper clip icon

      When complete press send and it will send straight to us.

      Thank you and have a lovely evening.
      Year 6.

  25. For the Holbrook challenge can you take a photo , print it out and bring it in school to give evidence?

  26. If you have finished reading your library book and reading book, can you read it again or read another book you have at home?

    1. Do you have to send an email of your work or are you going to reveal the answers at the end of the day?

      1. Hi Mithula
        You can share your hard work via email for the year 6 team. The answers will be revealed at the end of the day.
        Year 6 team

    1. Hello, this is Aleksandra and i have a problem with Purple Mash , when i Purple Mash it always says Username and Password but when i went in it said Email and Password, i tried my school Email but it didnt work, please reply soon.

      1. Hi Aleksandra, thank you for your message. Purple Mash had thousands of children try to log onto their platform today which caused it to break – woops! Purple Mash have confirmed that their platform is back up and running properly so please try again tomorrow! Let us know how you get on.

      1. Hi Mithula,
        Think really carefully back to your computing lessons with Mr Connolly. Go to gmail to log in using your school email address and create a new mail. Then, look for the button that looks like a paperclip, it should say attach. Attach your work to the email and send it to

        See if an adult at home might be able to help.

        Good luck and we can’t wait to see what you have done.

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