E-mail – Google Accounts!

The government have told everyone to #StayAtHome #ProtectTheNHS #SaveLives to keep us and those around us safe. This means that we should be leaving our homes as little as possible!

School is not just about all the great learning we do but about the friends we make. So being stuck at home on our own can be lonely, however as long as we stay safe online we can still connect to our friends and class using technology!

All the way back in Year 3 everyone was given a school Google account. It can be used for Docs, Sheets and Slides but also e-mail so we can send messages to each other.

Just in case you have forgotten how… I have added a guide below.

How to log in!

First you need to go to https://www.google.co.uk/ from any browser. Hopefully everyone has been secure and logged out!

Go to the sign in button and then all you need is your username and password! – They will have been stuck in your reading record BUT even if they aren’t you can work it out

If someone else has logged in before you might need to do what we need to do in school and press Use another account

Your username is:-


So if your name was Jack Brown your log in would be


For the username UPPER and lowercase letters can be Mixed and it will still work, BUT you must not put in any spaces!

If you don’t put in the @holbrookprimary.com the system will add @gmail.com! And no matter how hard you try… een with your password you won’t be able to login!

Your password is linked to your birthday! Your password is dPasswordm d being the date of your birthday and m being the month as a number – that is the tricky bit!

So mine is 16th June. June is the 6th month of the year.

So my password would be… 16Password6 –

Take care with the password – it needs that capital P to work!

It is always worth using the unhide eye to check the password has been put in correctly!

Well done you have now logged in to your Google Account!

Writing a message

When you have login you need to click on gmail or the gmail logo in the 3×3 squares to get to your e-mails.

Now you can write a message to a friend in the class – the proper word for writing an e-mail message is to COMPOSE it.  The button can be found on the top left of the screen.


If you type in the To (or recipient) box slowly your friend’s name it will list up their email address – which saves you having to remember it!  Click on the person you want to send it to.


Subject gives the read a quick idea of what the message is about. A bit like the heading on a non fiction text.

Then you can write the main message below.

Mr C’s Top Tips

  • CAPITALS LETTERS MEANS YOU ARE SHOUTING – so use them carefully.
  • When you type it may not always be read they way you expected it to – it is easy to be rude by accident – Proof reading is critical.
  • Punctuation really does help the recipient to understand what you meant. 
  • Write for your audience – How you write to your BFF will be different to writing to Mr Connolly – it may be lol 2 rite txt spk 2 him but will he no wat u mean?
  • Always include a subject line – it allows the receiver to filter your e-mail if they have lots to sort.

When you have sent your messages and at the end of the lesson MAKE SURE YOU LOG OUT! Yes, I did shout that.  it is really important that you keep your account secure so never remember passwords on a public / school computer and never leave them log in when someone else might send a message from you!


Ohhh and yes your e-mail will work at home so you can send messages to your friends at home but remember how you speak to them.

Enjoy sending messages!

Avatars – Pictures!

We want to make it really easy for people to know who we are so we can become very tempted to add our picture to our Google Account, but is this safe?


For some online systems like Facebook it can help people find and friend people that we know in real life.  However you can only have Facebook from the age of 13!

From our earlier work on internet safety we need to think carefully before we put images and information online.  Our school e-mail already has our name, school and so adding a picture is a step too far.

BUT we want to make it easy for our friends so we can add a picture of ourselves… Just not a photograph but an AVATAR.

An avatar is an image or symbol that represents you in the online world. I have added a few websites that you can try to make your avatar from.





When you finish – don’t download the picture or input your e-mail address as we don’t know what they will do with it… instead you can use ScreenShot or the snipping tool!

How to snip the picture!

  •  From the start icon find the Snipping tool Icon or type snip on the search bar.
  •  Select the part of the screen you want to snip (Capture as a picture)
  •  The clip image will be shown, then press the save button.
  •  Pick where you want to save the picture – Call it a sensible name so you can find it to upload.
  •  Then Press SAVE.

You are now ready to upload your image!

Uploading a picture.

Click on you letter or avatar, and then click on the camera icon by the bigger picture.

Select the photo from the computer.

Resized the picture before pressing save.