Bang a drum…


 Year 6 are very lucky as Mr Barratt from Foxford school comes in each week to teach music.  This term we are working in drumming and get to use lots of different percussion instrument, carefully responding to the maestro’s beat and directions.

What instruments did the class play?


Computing test!


Yes this week you have a test in computing!  Just like other subjects sometimes I need to test if you have understood what we have covered.

So today I want you to log on to your e-mail account and send me a message!

The message must be correctly formatted – (Full stops, capital letter, proper sign off (Signature?))

I would like you to send me a picture of your favourite animal  (Take care to find a royalty free image) and say why you like it so much.




Letters from the Lighthouse


After half term, in English we will be studying the novel ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’ by Emma Carroll, which tells the mysterious story of two children who are evacuated to a lighthouse during a World War Two.
Top tips to prepare for this English unit:
*Think about – what was life like for children during the Blitz in London?
*Research – what is the job of a lighthouse? What does a lighthouse keeper do?
*Think about – what words could you use to describe the setting surrounding a lighthouse? What emotive language could you use to describe the setting of hitherto Blitz?
*Read! Have a look for this book in the school or public library.


What was life like as an evacuee?


In history, we have been learning about what happened to children at the start of World War Two. We used audio sources to find out what life was like being evacuated from the city into the countryside. We even listened to a message from the young Queen Elizabeth. We then wrote a postcard in role as an evacuee, giving details about what life was like for children who had been evacuated.




Each time that we have awards assembly, one class in Year 6 will be awarded with the puppy for being the best behaved class. The puppy then becomes the classroom pet for huge next two weeks! 6W and 6G have already won the puppy and Last week 6C won – who will win the puppy in the next awards assembly after half term?


How does exercise affect our heart rate?


In science we have been learning about how to keep our bodies healthy and how the heart works hard to keep our blood pumping around our bodies. This week we investigated what would happen if we tried different types of exercise. We learnt to measure our pulse and to see if our heart rate increased or decreased. We know that we need to record our results in beats per minute.