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Today we played RISK. We were separated into different country teams, and were given scenarios to discuss and decide the best action to take to defend or benefit our country.
What did you learn it today’s lesson? How might it have been difficult for world leaders, leading up to the outbreak of WW2?

Chronological Order

This afternoon, we ordered the key events in  British history, to better understand chronology. We then created a timeline of the Second World War.
Which event do you think was the turning point, and why?





Last month, Year 6 had a peace evening in school. As part of the evening we created peace doves, bunting and stones to share messages of peace in different languages. Today we hung the doves and bunting up around the school grounds and left the peace stones in the woods for children to find.

See if you can spot our peace messages around school.

Museum of mould experiment


Todays science lesson, year6 are testing some brown bread that we got because we are learning about micro-organisms and mould. By testing the bread we will know the answer to our questions we did in our science books. We are checking what will be the fastest to mould the bread quicker! Some of the options are put the bread in a light and dark cupboard,put some in the fridge and in the classroom and leave the bread outside.We will find our answers in a weeks time.

Kym and Alhena





On Thursday, you found out a little bit about code breaking during World War 2, especially about the operations at Bletchly Park.

Here are some websites with some background information:

BBC History Bletchley Park

BBC History Enigma

Bletchley Park Virtual Tour

Encryption for Kids

Here are some questions for your to think about:

*What took place at Bletchley Park?

*How were codes used during World War 2?

*Why do you think the achievements of the workers at Bletchley Park are still important now?

*Do you think code breaking is easier or harder now than it was during World War 2?

For your homework, you need to present some information about code breaking during World War 2.

You might want to make a comment on this post with your thoughts on the questions, make a poster, design a code of your own, find out about some of the famous code breakers of World War 2 or find out more about codes and code breaking through the ages.