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Welcome to Year 6 Webquest!


Wimbledon has just begun the second week of play, so maybe we need to find out more about this British institution.


Remember to use your safe searching skills that you learnt in past computing lessons to search for the answers.

  1. What are the four different types of tennis court?
  2. There are four tennis Majors – Big/important tournaments – what are they?  What surface is each major played on?
  3. Who has won the most majors? How many have they won?
  4. Before Andy Murray who was the last British Player to win Wimbledon?  What year did this happen?
  5. In 2010 Wimbledon saw the longest tennis game ever!  Who played in that match and how long did it last?
  6. When did the Wimbledon Tournament first start?
  7. How is real tennis different from lawn tennis?
  8. “You cannot be serious.” Is a remark made by which former tennis champion?
  9. How high is the centre of a tennis court net?
  10. Which Brothers and Sisters won Gold Medals in Tennis at the London Olympics?

Post your answers onto the comment section of the blog, make sure you include your name.  Remember I know the answers and might have read the information off the websites already so don’t just copy and paste, write the answers in your own words, in full sentences.

Mr Connolly.