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Ma+h5 – Coordinates


Computers can be really helpful for practising and revising tricky topics.  This week Mrs Wigfield tells me you have been doing some work on co-ordinates!  Let’s see if the computer can help us embed those skills


Espresso – Year 6

Espresso – Building up


You can also try


Useful extra maths practise.


We have been given packs to help us with out SATs tests at home, but we also have an online system called MyMaths in Computing to day we practised logging ourselves in, using a secret password!

Our School Username is:- holbrookpri

The school password has to stay secret.

The End of Ks2, Year 6 BOOSTER PACKS and KS2 BOOSTER Packs can really help.  Just a little everyday combined with your other homework will really help you.