Users will need to interact with the wearable technology that you have imagined in order to control or access the information from the clothes. For this you need an app or an interface.

My Garmin 920xt watch connects with a website and a phone APP so as well as seeing data as I run I can review it afterwards.


It can show maps of where I have been, how far and how fast.

There are lots of ideas  for how an APP could look on a screen.

Today in computing as a group you need to think about how your product could look and design some mock-ups.  You can use Paint (my preference) or PowerPoint to design you Home Computer Interface.

The interface will be made up of buttons, sliders, voice control etc that a user would use to control the built in app. Think about how the app works, what happens when you press certain buttons, how information is sent and displayed.

Remember to save your work carefully so you can use it for future lessons – you could use more than one computer as a group to design different screens – think carefully who the screen is for and how it will help the user.