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Keyboard Skills.


In an ever increasing digital age the ability to use a keyboard quickly and type well are really useful skills.  I had to look at the keyboard as I typed this post and then looked up after I finished a sentence to make any corrections!  I wish I could type better!

You will use good keyboard skills in typing in secondary school and University.  It is much easier to learn a new skill when you are young!  Which is why I still struggle to touch type!

One lesson each half term we are going to really practise our typing skills – but it would be even better if you did a little practise at home – on Typing Club an online typing tutor.

What is great is when we log in using our Google account it remembers the lesson we are on so we can keep moving forward when we are ready and everyone can work at their own pace.

Let’s get typing!

Mr Connolly

Time to type!



In Computing we are continuing our work on learning to touch type, using TypingClub. It is easy for the first few levels to cheat and use a few fingers but having correct hand position build really good habits!  It may be slower at first but later you will find it very use full for using all the keys

Typing Positions

Can’t touch it!


One of the tricky things to do is learning to type!  Just like writing with a pen and paper proper typing skills make work much quicker and easier as you don’t need to think about where the letters are.

So over the next few weeks we will be learning to touch type.  It would be really good if you can practice at home as it will help you become even better.

You will need to login using your school Gmail account.