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Create a quiz!


In computing this half term we are writing a maths quiz for Year 1 & 2.

Further up the school we have and TimesTable Rockstars to help us so we are going to write a program that helps Year 1 & 2 learn number bonds to 10 or 100 or maybe even… number facts!



Which game is best?


You be the judge…

Year 5 created games exactly like you did in year 5, however I learned lots from teaching you so that I could improve what I taught to make the games even better.

Please play each of the games and let me know 3 stars and a wish (3 good things, 1 that could be improved about each one) in the comment sections below.


Talk to me!


We will be doing more on the Talk to Me APP using

APP Inventor

The video below will remind us what to do!

If you can add one button…  Can you add more?  Can you get it to say lots of things?

Have you managed to change the background? Button colours?  Layout?  Text style?

Remember using Google Chrome works the best, but we may need to enable the flash player.