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Hour of Code.


This week we are going to take part in a coding challenge!  Learning some basic python programming!


Gathering Ideas


This half term in computing we are going to use our film making skills to make a promotional video for the school. Here are some examples below.

Before we can make our film we need to gather ideas about what would be good on a film about our school. So as a class we are going to make an ideas wall.




Computing test!


Yes this week you have a test in computing!  Just like other subjects sometimes I need to test if you have understood what we have covered.

So today I want you to log on to your e-mail account and send me a message!

The message must be correctly formatted – (Full stops, capital letter, proper sign off (Signature?))

I would like you to send me a picture of your favourite animal  (Take care to find a royalty free image) and say why you like it so much.




Be safe… be seen. (well almost!)


Adding a picture to our Google account really helps other users find us, but is it safe?


For some online systems like Facebook it can help people find and friend people that we know in real life.  However you can only have Facebook from the age of 13!

From our earlier work on internet safety we need to think carefully before we put images and information online.  Our school e-mail already has our name, school and so adding a picture is a step too far.

BUT we want to make it easy for our friends so we can add a picture of ourselves… Just not a photograph but an AVATAR.

An avatar is an image or symbol that represents you in the online world.  Today we are going to make our own avatar using one of the websites below.  This image is what we can use to be our Google profile picture.

When we have made our avatar we have a big decision to make with some websites…  Do we give our e-mail address to them to download the image?

What do you think we should do? 

Which game is best?


You be the judge…

Year 5 created games exactly like you did in year 5, however I learned lots from teaching you so that I could improve what I taught to make the games even better.

Please play each of the games and let me know 3 stars and a wish (3 good things, 1 that could be improved about each one) in the comment sections below.


Talk to me!


We will be doing more on the Talk to Me APP using

APP Inventor

The video below will remind us what to do!

If you can add one button…  Can you add more?  Can you get it to say lots of things?

Have you managed to change the background? Button colours?  Layout?  Text style?

Remember using Google Chrome works the best, but we may need to enable the flash player.

I will name that tune in one!


Today in Computing you are going to create music.  Using Isle of Tune you can write and compose your own music.

From the website go to Play.

When you are ready Press Create Island.

This screen shows you exactly what you need to do…

1- Make a road – This is the musical stave.

2. Add Street furniture and houses – these are the notes.

You can alter each item to make a different sound, pitch or beat!  Experiment.

3. Drop in a car and this is the musician.  As it passes each item something will play.


After you have played with the program can you make you own version of Frozen’s – Let it go?  If you make the line marked in Yellow you will get the outline of the song!

When you have finished if you press share and name your island you can post the link of your work on the blog.