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Shake rattle and roll!


It’s time to make our Talk to me start to react to user input – Shaking!

Re load your APP from last week – APP Inventor


We are APP Creators


APP Inventor

The video below will remind us what to do!

If you can add one button…  Can you add more?  Can you get it to say lots of things?

Have you managed to change the background? Button colours?  Layout?  Text style?

Remember using Google Chrome works the best, but we may need to enable the flash player.

I’ll name that tune in one.


Today in Computing you are going to create music.  Using Isle of Tune you can write and compose your own music.

From the website go to Play.

When you are ready Press Create Island.

This screen shows you exactly what you need to do…

1- Make a road – This is the musical stave.

2. Add Street furniture and houses – these are the notes.

You can alter each item to make a different sound, pitch or beat!  Experiment.

3. Drop in a car and this is the musician.  As it passes each item something will play.


After you have played with the program can you make you own version of Frozen’s – Let it go?  If you make the line marked in Yellow you will get the outline of the song!

When you have finished if you press share and name your island you can post the link of your work on the blog.

Useful extra maths practise.


We have been given packs to help us with out SATs tests at home, but we also have an online system called MyMaths in Computing to day we practised logging ourselves in, using a secret password!

Our School Username is:- holbrookpri

The school password has to stay secret.

The End of Ks2, Year 6 BOOSTER PACKS and KS2 BOOSTER Packs can really help.  Just a little everyday combined with your other homework will really help you.