Hour of code!

I bet you thought you had missed out!

As a school we are really taking a full part in the Hour of Code week which started last week! But as it was the indoor athletics and online maths tuition I didn’t want anyone to miss out so I have waited!

I am expecting that Year 6 will definitely be enthusiastic about the challenge and you can apply the skills you learned last year when you wrote your own Scratch Game, but this time you will be using a text based language called Python!

As we learned last year you don’t always manage to get your program right first time so one part of BEST you really need to do in coding is S – stick at it! Before you ask your teacher for help there is a lot you can do for yourself – the VIRTUAL STUCK STATION!

The program will give you help so use them! Also if your code is wrong the computer will give you hints so you know what you are missing!
Best of luck

Mr Connolly
The Code Master!
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