The Home Front

This week in Topic, we are going to be researching what life was like at home during WWII. Use these links to help you.

Britain’s Home Front in World War Two

No Phishing

At the start of this year we have been looking at e-mailing.  Everyone has been given an e-mail address and there own password.  It would be great that is by half term we can all remember our secret password and no longer need to use the label.

We are very carefully thinking about e-mail addresses we trust as there are unfortunately people out there that try and trick and scam people by PHISHING – using e-mail address and fake e-mails to try and trick us.

Staying Safe Online

With the start of the new school year we revisit all we have learned about internet safety and how as we get older it is still relevant, in fact as we get even more competent with a computer we can do far more so come in contact with far more people in the digital world.

We know that in school we have filters and monitoring software that is used to keep us safe but sometimes even with these in place we need to TELL an adult when we feel uncomfortable.

Remember our school computer rules.

  • Don’t switch off the program or close the screen.
  • Only use technology when you are supervised by an adult.
  • Close the laptop or turn over an iPad.
  • Tell an Adult.

But we don’t just use computers in school we use them outside, where there aren’t as many filters in place.

BBC Newsround – Online Safety Special