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You have all done so much revision for the SATs – well done! We are nearly there! To prepare for next week, please complete and focus on any revision in your revision guides that you know you need more practice on.

As a reminder, these are the dates of the tests:

Monday 14th May: Spelling  and grammar

Tuesday 15th May: Reading

Wednesday 16th May: Maths (Arithmetic and Reasoning)

Thursday 17th May: Maths (Reasoning)

Please be in school bright and early for breakfast club!

Good luck!



Follow the links to find three different types of fossils, then draw them accurately on your sheet. Following that, draw a story board of the fossilisation process.






Keep up the good work with the revision year six; you are nearly there!

This week, in your revision guides, please complete:

SPAG: Pages 8, 14, 15, 26 and 27

Maths: Pages 11, 12 and 13

Reading: Pages 36, 37 and 38