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Useful extra maths practise.


We have been given packs to help us with out SATs tests at home, but we also have an online system called MyMaths in Computing to day we practised logging ourselves in, using a secret password!

Our School Username is:- holbrookpri

The school password has to stay secret.

The End of Ks2, Year 6 BOOSTER PACKS and KS2 BOOSTER Packs can really help.  Just a little everyday combined with your other homework will really help you.

Easter Homework


Over the Easter holiday, the homework is to continue your revision for the SATs tests. We would therefore like you to complete:

Maths: Pages 19 – 29 (calculation section)

Grammar: Pages 32, 33, 34, 35

Reading:  Pages 12 – 21 (An Underground City)

There is also some optional SATs homework – an arithmetic test and a reading test – that you could complete if it would make you feel more prepared for the tests.

Unipart Car Manufacturing Project


Design Technology is an enjoyable part of our topic lessons. Following the trip to Unipart, the children have been designing and building their own motorised car prototypes.

Below you will see them at different stages of the project, including designing, manufacturing and testing.

The children have been responsible for every aspect of the task. They have managed themselves, decided roles for each other, used saws and glue guns and generally worked well as teams to create some great, if not yet finished, prototypes.



Well done – you are completing your homework amazingly and bringing it to school on time. This week we would like you to complete the following pages:

Maths: Fractions and percentages on pages 7,8,9 and 10.

Grammar: Nouns and pronouns on pages  4,5,6 and 7.

Reading:  Complete the text questions on pages 10 and 11.