Which game is best?


You be the judge…

Year 5 created games exactly like you did in year 5, however I learned lots from teaching you so that I could improve what I taught to make the games even better.




Please play each of the games and let me know 3 stars and a wish (3 good things, 1 that could be improved about each one) in the comment sections below.



3 responses »

  1. We think the 3rd one is the best! but could be improved by moving back also or not starting high. The others are ok but no as the 3rd.

  2. the first and second one are too easy because there is barely any obsticals and we like the different characters and the sound and the last one.

  3. The first one is good but it could :
    -stop repeating
    -it has nice degsins
    -characters are creative
    The seconed one is OK but it could:
    -it hase a nice background
    -change into different levels
    -make it more hard to play
    The last one is my personal favourite as it is hard it has two characters and it is fun to play
    -the1st one is 1 star
    -the 2nd one is 2 stars
    -and the 3rd one is 3 stars

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