The Death of King Duncan!


On behalf of His Royal Highness, I have sent my reporters out to investigate the suspicious circumstances surrounding King Duncan’s death. Please find the detailed reports below.


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    Just a few days ago, the reign of King Duncan was unfortunately ended as the royal highness was brutally murdered at Dunsinane Castle, after celebrating victory over Norway. Many people suspect Lord and Lady Macbeth.
    People gathered at the castle to enjoy the lavish feast held by Macbeth and King Duncan was also present there. Witnesses stated that Lady Macbeth was acting rather peculiarly and kept on pulling Lord Macbeth to the side so no one could either see or hear the couple. Other witnesses also said Macbeth held no grudges against the King.
    Banquo exclaimed that he went for a walk on the walls of the castle at about midnight and bumped into Lord Macbeth and he was acting very weirdly. According to Macbeth, once Banquo had left, he imagined a dagger with blood on it and that was what encouraged him to do the grave deed. Then that night, Lord Macbeth murdered the loyal King. So no one suspected them, Lady Macbeth smeared blood on the servants so they got the blame.
    On this very day, police are trying their best to find the murderer and the biggest suspect is Macbeth. Family of the King are very depressed after this incident .A close friend of the late King said “I didn’t think this tradgedy would fall upon our king and I didn’t think Macbeth could do such a thing; shame on you Macbeth!”

    Last week at midnight, after his party at his castle¬¬, the King of Scotland – King Duncan- was brutally assasinated by Macbeth (who had recently been named Thane of Cawdor.)
    At the party ,guests came to celebrate their victory over the Norwegians; they had an elaborate feast where there was all kinds food . Witnesses state that they saw lady Macbeth taking Lord Macbeth to one side and saying to him “now it’s time to kill the king”. We also talked to a servant who was present at the feast ; he said: I over heard Lady Macbeth saying “you want the crown but you won’t take it” to her husband.
    We got a report by Banquo (Macbeth’s friend) that he was walking on the castle walls with his son – Fleance – and they saw Macbeth awake late at night. When speaking to the guards, Macbeth said he saw a dagger before him and admitted he killed the king. Macbeth then wanted to tell us something else and this is what he explained: “It’s not my fault, my wife told me to kill the king and I smeared the blood on the servants faces so you would think it was them.Also a guard told us he was guarding the king’s bed chamber at night and Macbeth gave him a drink; he fell a sleep and when he woke up the king was dead.
    Now the country is in mourning and in turmoil by trying to find a new king. Also Macbeth is locked up and is being closely monitored. A slave told us that Lady Macbeth keeps on washing her hands aswell.

  3. The death of King Duncan.
    Last evening, in a chamber, the reign of King Duncan was no more as he was brutally murdered during his stay at Dunsinane Castle and will be forever mourned. Lord and Lady Macbeth are suspects of the tragic event that occurred on Wednesday at a feast celebrating victory over the Norwegians.
    Citizens of Scotland attended a lavish banquet to commemorate that Lord Macbeth victored over Norway. The feast was sumptuous. Witnesses stated that Lady Macbeth took Macbeth to a dark, eerie corner -where no one could hear- and told him to kill the king.
    A guest (who was present) said, “I was eating my yummy food whe.. when I.. I thought I he.. heard Lady Macbeth saying kill the king.. I’m not sh.. sure though”
    On the castle walls, Banquo and Fleance were strolling after dark; it was midnight. Encountering Macbeth, Banquo and Macbeth started a conversation about the witches, they agreed to have a more detailed one soon. As soon as they left, Macbeth imagined a dagger covered with blood all dripping down, he tried to clutch it: it was no use. Later that night, in King Duncan’s chamber, Macbeth fulfilled the deed and Lady Macbeth left the guards with blood-smeared faces.
    Banquo says that he was suspicious of Macbeth when he bumped into him and he felt that he was behaving suspiciously.
    At this moment, many people are mourning the late king and are missing him a lot; however, Macbeth is the new king and will hopefully remain king for a long time. Guards are surrounding him at all times and are everywhere all around Dunsinane Castle. Lady Macbeth is going insane, washing her hands vigorously and Macbeth has revealed his disastrous secret. It was not obvious it was them;they were so nice to the king, however, Macbeth was thirsty for the crown and wanted to fulfill the prophecy.

  4. The death of King Duncan
    On Monday the 29th of May ,King Duncan was brutaly executed by Macbeth (Thane of Cawdor) .
    A few hours before night fall, there was a party to celebrate the victory over the Norwegians – in Dunsinane Castle – which the King attended.Whilst everyone was feasting, Lady Macbeth pulled her husband into the corner and that was when a servant over heard the words ‘you want the crown but you will not dare take it.’
    After the party,the guests went to their bed chambers in good spirits : thanks to the King. Meanwhile, Lady Macbeth and Macbeth were quarreling about their master plan because Lady Macbeth thought that Macbeth was not up to it. Then Macbeth went to King Duncan’s chamber to fufil the deed.A guard stated that “I…I heard strolling in the corridor.” A few minutes later,Macbeth returned with the bloody daggers then Lady Macbeth grabbed the daggers and smeared the tomato-coloured blood on the drunk servants.
    Now the Country is in mourning and no one knows if they can trust Macbeth again ; not after that tragedy.

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