Which game is best?

You be the judge…

Year 5 created games exactly like you did in year 5, however I learned lots from teaching you so that I could improve what I taught to make the games even better.




Please play each of the games and let me know 3 stars and a wish (3 good things, 1 that could be improved about each one) in the comment sections below.


Theme Park Maths

This morning we have been using our maths skills to design our own theme park. With our business partners, we decided what theme we would like for our theme park and how we would split it into different zones. We have a business loan of £5 million to spend so we have been deciding how to spend it wisely on building costs. There were lots of different decisions to make: Which rides will appeal most to customers? Which rides will fit in the area of land? What amenities are we legally obliged to include? Which food outlets will generate the most profit? How much money should we leave for advertising costs, staff recruitment and wages and repairs?