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To learn the plot and to help with your storyboard homework, watch the Macbeth videos in the half term holiday.



Variation in Dog Breeds


This week in science, we will be researching dog breeds, looking for variation and analysing their unique characteristics. To get ahead of yourself, read some of the information on the following website.


Can you breed the target puppy?


Ask the expert!


We are again working on our touch typing, however this week Mr Connolly is working in Year 2 helping with their SATs so I have called in an Expert – Miss Hernon!

Some classes have seen Mrs Kelsall touch type, others Miss Hernon.  They both will tell you that the important lesson of never looking at the keyboard and making sure your fingers are on the home row!

Good Luck.

Remember to log out of your school Google account to log out fully.

Typing Club

Zumba Kids


To immerse ourselves further in South  American culture, we took part in a Zumba Kids session yesterday afternoon! We listened out for percussion instruments in the music and practised dance steps such as Cumbia and Merengue before putting them into whole routines and performing a dance off! To top it off, we finished with limbo!

We really enjoyed our special visit from George, our qualified Zumba instructor. Thanks George!

Keep on typing…


This morning Mrs Kelsall came it and demonstrated how she touch types.  She explains that at first you go slower but with lots of practice – at home as well as school your speed will quickly improve.

As you move through education and into work the ability to touch type will be really valuable as you will have lots of reports and essays that will need to be typed up.

The number one rule is…

Do not look at your fingers.

Typing club will help you learn with lots of small steps.


Remember to sit with good posture and your fingers on the home keys.