Monthly Archives: April 2017

Touch typing


One of the tricky things to do is learning to type!  Just like writing with a pen and paper proper typing skills make work much quicker and easier as you don’t need to think about where the letters are.

So over the next few weeks we will be learning to touch type.  It would be really good if you can practice at home as it will help you become even better.

Google Chrome

Lesson 1!

When you have done lesson 23!  Yes that many take a break and try a different game online try.

Home Keys – Level 1… asdf jkl;

Talk to me!


We will be doing more on the Talk to Me APP using

APP Inventor

The video below will remind us what to do!

If you can add one button…  Can you add more?  Can you get it to say lots of things?

Have you managed to change the background? Button colours?  Layout?  Text style?

Remember using Google Chrome works the best, but we may need to enable the flash player.