Dodgeball League.


In PE this morning we had an incredibly competitive Dodgeball Competition.  Each class had 3 teams – of 6 or 7 players.

To encourage catching Mr Connolly changed his normal rules so that if a team caught a ball all the players that had been out were back in.  This led to some sudden changes of fortunes in a three minute game.

Teams in the same class didn’t play each other… This meant Mr Connolly as well as finding out the best individual team could also work out the Class winner!

6C – 30 Points

6W – 26 points

6K – 23 points

But which was the winning team…

By only goal difference could the top two teams be separated. Although Incredible 7 won the tournament, Mr Connolly gave Hunters the prize for team of the tournament for the good spirit and superb sportsmanship they showed throughout the morning.

Their will be one final sporting tournament for Year 6 in the summer term, but what will it be?



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