Monthly Archives: March 2017


South America


To launch our new topic, South America, this afternoon we produced a display – which explores the geography of each of the countries that make up the continent.

We also learnt that French Guiana doesn’t belong to South America, it belongs to France. This is called a dependent territory.

We cannot wait to learn more about this continent!


I will name that tune in one!


Today in Computing you are going to create music.  Using Isle of Tune you can write and compose your own music.

From the website go to Play.

When you are ready Press Create Island.

This screen shows you exactly what you need to do…

1- Make a road – This is the musical stave.

2. Add Street furniture and houses – these are the notes.

You can alter each item to make a different sound, pitch or beat!  Experiment.

3. Drop in a car and this is the musician.  As it passes each item something will play.


After you have played with the program can you make you own version of Frozen’s – Let it go?  If you make the line marked in Yellow you will get the outline of the song!

When you have finished if you press share and name your island you can post the link of your work on the blog.