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WALT edit pictures.


Sometimes when we take pictures they aren’t completely perfect so we may need to edit them to improve them. We can do a lot to a picture that has been taken:-
Alter its size and shape – cropping
Take away colour or add colours – filters
Even add things in or take them out

We have to remember that this might not be very fair or very nice as without the whole picture we might not get the full story. So we have to be carefully about what we do and what we see.

There are lots of tools you can use to alter pictures some come as standard on the computer others you can use online.

WALT use layers in images.

In our lesson to day we are going to use layers to change the person in a picture, we well be using some GEEK features of fotoflexer.

We need to upload a picture.

Remember you can always alter the view to show a thumbnail shot.

Remember you can always alter the view to show a thumbnail shot.

This image has become the bottom layer of our picture – like the base of a pizza – we now need to add another image on top.

Load another picture

Load another picture

Some of you might be really clever and use the webcam option in fotoflexer to add in a picture of your own face!

Holding the ‘Shift’ key so the image doesn’t distort shape – change aspect – resize the picture so the face is the same size as the Tudor Monarch.

Make the face the same size as the monarch

Make the face the same size as the monarch

Now time to do the GEEK work – using Smart Scissors – this will allow you to cut out the face but using the computer it will try and work out where the cuts should be so you don’t need to be perfectly accurate.

When you get back to the start the parts of the picture you will be deleting will go darker leaving only the part that is left.

Now move it into position.

Now move it into position.

Press Create a cut out and move the face over the Monarch face.  You are now in the image – You may need to alter the size of the image to make it fit.

MR C as a Tudor

Once you have done this make sure you save your image.  Again the best pictures we will load onto the blog!


Can you use any other techniques we have learnt to improve your image.