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Finding out – Survey


Before I put together a new list of clubs for the Spring term I want to find out what pupils want so I want you to complete a survey, rather than doing it by writing things down or a show of hands I have made an online survey.

After School Clubs

Online surveys offer many advantages over a hand completed form.

  • I can collect informationĀ from a wider group of people than I can meet face to face.
  • They are quick to complete.
  • I have the data stored so I can use it later – no typing up needed!

They are very useful – in fact you could use one very cleverly in one of your topics coming up šŸ˜‰ so today in computing we are going to learn to make a survey.

  1. Log in to your google account and then access the 3 x 3 squares – Apps list!
  2. Find forms – you will need to click more.



3. Go to Google Forms.


4. The take a tour option will help you learn what to do… Or you can just say NO THANKS and start…Ā  It is very simple to use.

5. Google Forms gives you ready made forms – TEMPLATES or you can press BLANK like I did.


6. You need to give your form a title and maybe a sub heading.Ā  The you can ask your first question.


By pressing on the drop down you can change the type of question.


Is it multiple choice? Or select from a drop down list?Ā  Or can you check more than one box?

7.Ā  When you have put together your first question and answer options… You will need to add another question (Guess which button we need to press?


8.Ā  The purple is a lovely colour, but you may want to make a change or add theme. Here is where I am going to be mean and not show you where the colour palate is.Ā  But I bet you can find it!


If you want a theme press the picture icon and select your theme.


So what is the Survey you need to create…

A survey for KS2 about which are their favourite lessons – they can pick more than one.Ā  Why they like that lesson-

Which they like the least and why.

So that is 5 different questions that need a select one, multiple choice and a paragraph answer!



Stained glass window


This week we have been exploring the themes of peace and linking this to our anti-bullying week about ‘The power of good’. We have created a stained glass window in the style of the window that we saw at Coventry Cathedral. Each of us designed a panel with a peace symbol and then we joined them all together to represent us all working together to have peace in our school and community.






Peace Evening


Yesterday evening Year 6 held a peace event to celebrate Coventry being the city of peace and reconciliation. We learnt about the experiences of people during the Blitz in Coventry and how different countries worked together to rebuild the city. We created a circle of light and decorated doves with messages of peace. Thank you to all the parents and children that attended!









WW2 Home Front

Here are some reliable websites to help you research the home front!
Home front