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So how do Volcanoes erupt?

So how do Volcanoes erupt?

This afternoon we learnt about the different layers of the earth, and how a volcano erupts!

As these two students showed great enthusiasm in their Topic homework, they used their PowerPoint presentation, to teach the rest of the class all about volcanoes!


Uploading a route


Today in Computing we are going to learn how to upload a route into Espresso.

Before we start everyone will be given a username and password for this can be used at home or in school.  Although everyone has the same username and password across the school, we can’t share it on the blogs or other people could use our account!


Click on the link to load the web page – go to the login and pick Espresso.

Carefully enter your details – don’t forget to check the unseen password!



Go into the teacher planner to load a route.


Browse to find and load the correct route.


Remember your route will be saved in Computer /pupilresources/ UKS2/ Year6


Go through the activities – use head phones so you can listen to the film.

Treasure Hunt!


This morning we started our new English unit learning about Treasure Island. We started by taking part in a treasure hunt to find different parts of the text to put together to form a summary. One of us even found a skull and crossbones flag hiding in the woods! Who were the main characters in Treasure Island? Who was the author?