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The best bit of my holiday was…


As this post goes up online my holiday is over – a week early!  As I am training up on cycling.  But what I would like to know is what has been the best day of your holiday and why?

Tell me in a comment below?

Mr Connolly

Boredom or Board Games?


Maybe the appeal of the Playstation or Wii has worn off.  You can’t take anymore reading. Or just want a nice time with the family.

Then maybe it is time to dig out a board game or two.

My personal favourite has to be…



  • It uses two die – We only use the spot version in my house – really helps mental maths.
  • I like using ‘money’ in games.
  • The game has an element of luck but a skilful player should still win.
  • There is loads and loads of maths to used.

So bring out the board games.

Mr Connolly


Olympic Games


Rio 2016

I am writing this post 3 days before the Games in Rio starts and I must say I am VERY excited.  I really enjoy seeing all the sports on offer, seeing the best sportsmen and women from all over the globe coming together in peaceful competition.

Will Usain Bolt still be the Olympic Champion at 100m and 200m?

Will it be Alistair or Jonny Brownlee that gets the Men’s Triathlon Gold medal tomorrow or will someone new pop up to take the glory?

What has been your favourite sport to watch over them weeks?


Mr Connolly

Go for a run… parkrun



For the first two Saturdays of the Summer holiday, I have been suffering from a running injury so have had to make do with lots of swimming.  However it doesn’t mean I have missed my weekly Coventry parkrun as I have volunteered – I have even written a run report or two!

In the Memorial Park in Coventry each and every Saturday morning at 9am, parkrun (Always one word, always a small p) happens.

What is parkrun?

It is a free timed 5km run (A great way to hatch a Pokémon Go egg!) – all you need to do is get registered and bring a paper copy of a barcode.  As you will be under 11 you will need to bring an adult to run with you.

Afterwards you could pop to the café for a drink, cake and chat or enjoy the playground.

Come along this weekend – unfortunately I won’t be there this week as I should be running a marathon however you might spot Mrs Lama who also is a regular parkrunner!

Mr Connolly

A Good Read.


Y6 Book4 Y6 Book3Y6 Book2 Y6 Book1

By the start of week three of the holidays my children have normally got a little bored and what to do something new.  So normally we pop to the library and try some new books that link to their topic next year.  I have chosen 4 great books with a 2nd World War theme that you might enjoy reading.

If you want to write a review for any of them please comment on the blog.

Mr Connolly

Pokémon GO!


Pokemon Go

Have you downloaded this free APP yet?

Pokémon Go is a great way of combining technology and some exercise as you walk around trying to find new pokémon to collect, visit a poke stop to get some new items or hatch that 10km.

Remember to Pokémon Go safely – keep your eyes on the road, think about where you are going and when and don’t flatten your phone!

What top tip would you give to someone new to Pokémon Go?  What good websites are there that can read up on Pokémon Go to help you get better at the game or to collect all 142 Pokemon?

Mr Connolly

Pokemon Go2