Monthly Archives: June 2016



We are watching some songs performed by PS22 chorus to inspire us after practising songs for our end of year assembly!! 





Wow, what an exciting opportunity for Year 6 pupils! We are holding a sleepover to celebrate Year 6’s time at Holbrook! We are really hoping to have every child from Year 6 attending. Please come and see us if you have any questions. 


Red Cross!


Yesterday, a representative from the Red Cross came to visit us in Year 6. We learnt about some of the work they do and we also recapped the difference between refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. We  thought about the feelings of refugees and prepared a ‘welcome pack’ which would provide useful information for someone arriving to England.



End of year production


Last week, we held auditions for the end of year production. We gave out parts on Monday and we are off to a flying start. Here we are practising the final song! Remember to learn your lines off by heart so that you are prepared for our dress rehearsal (Thursday 14th July) and the final performance on Friday 15th July.