Bonjour nos amis!


This afternoon we have been writing to our friends at Ecole Jules Ferry near Paris in France. We received letters from them telling us all about their school and a postcard showing us where that have been on their school trip. We were amazed that they went skiing! We have also been looking at their school website and saw that they have performed a show recently. We decided to write back to our friends to tell them all about the celebrations we have in England in April: the Queen’s 90th birthday, St George’s Day and Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary.










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  1. I know that this is not related to the whole point of this post but I just found out that for every subject, so maths, reading and grammar, you will have a score and the expected will be 100 and if you get lower, it shows that you need more support but if you get higher, it shows that you are above age standard. I know sometimes the internet lies but I have watched several videos and it has told me the exact same thing.😊😊😊

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