Pocket Money Problem.


Spreadsheetscan be used to investigate problems and if you use formulas properly the investigation can be quickly altered.  Today I would like you to investigate the following pocket money problem. You will be given pocket money over 10 weeks but which of the following options will you pick?

  • Option 1 – To get £5 pocket money each week.
  • Option 2 – You will be given £1 in the first week then and extra £ in each following week – (W1 = £1, W2 = £2, W3 = £3 etc.)
  • Option 3 – You will be given £4 in week 1, but to get an extra 20p each week (W1 = £4, W2 = 4.20, W3 = £4.40 etc.)
  • Option 4 – To start with £5 in week 1, but to get an extra 10p each week (W1 = £5, W2 = 5.10, W3 = 5.20 etc.)

Display your working outs in a table – I have given you a little clue showing my formula for working out the weeks.Formula Take care to use formulas well as Miss Carmen might added in a twist later in the lesson!


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