Final Calls.


Tuesday saw the Boys football team take to the pitches at Ryton Sports Connection for their version of the indoor football tournament, after last week hearing all about the girls team’s qualification to the finals the boys team had a lot to live up to!

Unfortunately, both Mr Pahal and Mr Connell were unable to attend the matches so I had to take on the role of manager and coach!  After reading the rules the night before and watching Escape to Victory I felt up to the task.


Arriving with time to spare, the team had time to practise and some last minute coaching tips from me before everyone gathered for the clarification of the rules.   With fixture list in hand I saw two names that made him groan as both teams had good reputations in all football competitions and would be tough but the team had no time to worry as first up we played Freddies.  Remembering all the World Cups and Euro Championships I had watch I knew it was important not to lose the first game.  But going 1-0 down I was concerned – giving away the first goal was a common theme with our side as all night the opposition would score before we would gain our focus!  With great insights into the game and stunning substitutions the team came off with a 2-2 draw the game was still on.

The following match was going to be tough – after losing 12-0 back in November to Allseley we knew they were a top quality side, and after going down 2-0 it was easy to have gotten down hearted, however showing BEST the boys dug deep into their reserves and pulled back 2 goals, the match was end to end stuff and before the final whistle a screaming goal between the keepers legs gave us victory.

Manor Park school gave us a wake up call, and the team could never quite get back the soft first goal and lost 3-2.

After checking the tables and doing some mental Maths Mr Connolly knew it was still all to play for in the last match.  We couldn’t afford to lose this match but it was against Finham who had won with ease against all the other teams.  It would be a tough match that was made tougher when an indirect free kick was blasted into the back of the net having been deliberately left by our goal keeper was given by the referee!   Again Stickability came out and the boys got themselves back into the game before the end of play the scores were tied 2-2 not enough to take us automatically through to the play offs, but close.  PENALTY!  Running across the box we gave a penalty away.  It all seemed over, but cat like Ibrahim pounced on the ball to stop the goal that would have put us out!  The final whistle sounded soon after and then our destiny was in the hands of others.  The final match would decide our fate.

Allseley vs Freddies – A victory by Freddies and we were out, anything else and our superior goal difference would carry us through however Allseley had lost every match so far so the team rallied to cheer Allseley.  Our cheering did the job as after a few minutes they were 2 goals to the good.  WIth a point to prove the Allseley team scored a whopping 7 goals to snatch victory, but this wasn’t enough for them.  Holbrook made it through to the play offs!


I would love to make the play offs dramatic, but looking back it is probably good that the match was only 5 minutes as Holbrook team ran riot on the Pitch.  It was like seeing the Brazil team take on Preston North End!  Apart from giving away the first goal the Holbrook boys were solid in defence and looked dangerous up front.  Tactically we got wiser by using the corners to waste time.  The only way Godfred was stopped a hat trick was the referees whistle.


No difficult maths was needed, no golden goal just 2 wins to the good and Holbrook were into the finals on 23rd February!


So well done boys a great few games of football played with BEST.  So with a boys and girls team in the final I feel like I am now the Alex Ferguson of the school football world.  Bring on the final!

Mr Connolly




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