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The Emerald City


Today we used the Emerald City extract from the Wizard and the Oz to help inspire our writing about the Golden City. We identified the poetic devices and then created some of our own for Th e Golden City.  


Ratio and proportion


Today we used a box diagram to solve problems involving ratio and proportion. Here is an example of how you would solve one of these problems – well done Nicoleta! 


Sort it out Year 6!


Last time we tried this the game was blocked!  But now we can play Starry Night to get some data.  I want you to play the game 3 times – each time record the score onto my online form.

From the online data – pick five people and create a spreadsheet that will record their scores.  I have put together an example below:-

Starry Nights Score Sheet

How can you find other people’s results?  Well that is easy – RESULTS – this is the real time results for the form!  How clever.

If you have time you can make it look very pretty.

Record the scores and then use what you learned last term – =sum(…) to work out a total.

Starry Nights Score Sheet1a

It would be really useful to sort the table data into order!  The computer can do this for you automatically.

First select all the cells in the table! – include the headings for the table!

Sort Fill in sort


Sometimes in a set of data it is useful to find out what the largest – Max or smallest – min score is.

To do this you use two functions =min(..) and =max(..) – I have added these in boxes at the bottom of the table.



Swap a person on your table of result for someone else.  Can you reorder it?  What happens to the Min / Max?

Real Life Challenge.

When might it be useful to use these functions in school?  If you have an idea comment on the post.



This morning we have started our English work on the book Jumanji. This book is about an exciting jungle adventure game – with lots of dramatic events. To help us with our writing we are having a board game day to help us read and understand different game instructions and to make our own game to write about. Take a look at some of the games we have been looking at this morning! Which one needed the most strategy? Which one needed the most patience?