Let’s =SUM() things up!


Over the last two weeks using Spreadsheet you have learned how to use basic formulae and functions to let the computer do what it is good for… fast calculations.  Last week with the sweetshop challenge you added up four numbers but Excel has a special feature to make it even easier – Auto Sum!

Autosum The character before is from the Greek and is a Sigma, which in maths terms means summation!

You can type =sum( Then input the cells ) but you can also just click this button and it will fill it in for you!  But you need to be careful you are choosing the write cells.


It is always worth indicating that this is a sum either using colours and lines or a comment – total!


This is useful as you might return to the spreadsheet many weeks later and have forgotten or more usually the spreadsheet may be used and looked at by other people.

With your new found skills can you use Σ sum to solve the race-points challenge? Oh and you can’t use the autosum button on both pages, one you will have to type!


Spreadsheets to model real life problems.

Now you have started to use more formula in your spreadsheet you can now use them to model real life problems.


Mr Connolly needs to make sure his daughter eats a healthy packed lunch each day at school, but he doesn’t want to spend a huge amount he says £15 should be plenty – he wants lots of change!

Each day daughter will need :-

  • A sandwich – It has to be brown bread, with a little butter or spread and she doesn’t like the same filling two days in a row.
  • Two portions of fruit or vegetable.
  • A drink – nothing with too much sugar
  • One ‘exciting‘ treat, a bag of crisp, a cake or chocolate snack.

He shops at TESCO so have a look at how much things would cost.  Like maths this is a two or even a three step problem, but when you have the formulas in place it will work everything out for you.  Just rememberyou might need to use some skills from last weeks lesson!

You will need to make some assumptions about your shopping – can you justify them?

Shopping List

SHopping List




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