Introducing Spreadsheets


Over this half term we  will be learning lots about Spreadsheets.  We will be using one in particular Microsoft Excel, however there are others that you can use and they all do similar things.  This half terms lessons will be just as useful for other spreadsheets.

Spreadsheets are really useful programs for helping you handle large amounts of data and mean you can make a changes and rather than having to recalculate all the sums the computer does all the work.  So they aren’t just useful for school but can be used in the home and by businesses.  In fact Mr Connolly used them this week to help with the After school club letters.


  • row
  • column
  • cell
  • formula

Just like anything technical spreadsheets have special words (terminology) that you need to understand to help your use the program fully.


So the cell highlighted in purple is know as …

The computer uses this as a reference, like a house on a street, what is inside may change but the street and house number remain the same.

Using this new knowledge why don’t you try Wizards-challenge.

With your new knowledge about cell references you can now use the data.  You can input formulas into other cells to create another value.  Just like in maths you can use any of the four operations; you can + add, subtract, / divide, or * multiply!  But take care as the symbols are not exactly the same!


The first activitiy was just a warm up… Now the super challenge of the lesson can you use formulas to turn the bars gold. Using cell references and formulas try The-gold-mine.

At the end of the lesson I give you a Question to think about…

Why is it useful to reference the cell and not just put in the answer?


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