Monthly Archives: December 2015

Blitzed skyline…


Today, we conveyed the horror of the Blitz on Coventry, using collage techniques and different materials. We thought about the emotions the artwork made us feel. 




Chrsitmas celebrations!


Over the last few days we have been doing lots of celebrating before the Christmas holidays! Yesterday we played games and danced during our Christmas party and then shared all of the food that we had brought in. Today we wore our Christmas jumpers for Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day. 






Last month, Year 6 had a peace evening in school. As part of the evening we created peace doves, bunting and stones to share messages of peace in different languages. Today we hung the doves and bunting up around the school grounds and left the peace stones in the woods for children to find.

See if you can spot our peace messages around school.

Rescue 1940


This morning we have been reading the poem ‘Rescue 1940’ by John Birchall to identify poetic techniques. Who is the character in the poem? What is the story of the poem? Can you think of any of your own examples of poetic techniques that you could use to write your own Blitz poem?