What do you enjoy about reading?


Some of us went to the library today to choose some new books to read and to practise choosing books at the right level that we enjoy. What do you enjoy about reading? Can you think of some hints to choose a perfect reading book? 



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  1. I don’t think you should judge a book by its cover ( I sometimes do ) I thing you should read the blurb and if the blurb dose not hook you in you put the book down and look for a book that you may enjoy reading . That’s what I do .

  2. have you read girl online on tour. my fave….. I hope you read it it.You know zoella wrote about me in it I was her bff called wiki

  3. joke.. I really love girl online the book its so….me. It talks about anxiety which got me hooked in

  4. Make sure the book isn’t too hard or too easy to read.To make sure you know it’s at the right level for you,read the first page and then if you have 5 mistakes or more , it mean that it’s way too hard but if it is below 5 and above 3, then it challenging enough

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