Science: Healthy and Unhealthy


Today I ( Randa) noted down some things we discussed in class . We learnt a lot in this lesson . 

Healthy body:

Fit and 

Not as much activity 

So times how you look ( no specific size ) 

Not over wait or underweight 

Teeth will be white and clean 

Maybes muscles can be seen 

Eat not too much and not less 


Insides may get dirty 

Skin will oily greasy skin ( spots and pimples )

Gum layers will devour and teeth rot ( May have fillings ) 

Is likely to be overweight or overweight 

Different food groups 

Carbohidrates are bread , other cerals and potatoes pasta … 

Carbohidrates gives you energy 

Fruit and vegetables  are different 

Fruits have seeds vegetables don’t 

They have lots of vitamins 

You should have 5 portion 

I portion should be about a hand ful 

It’s better if you have 3 vegetables and 2 fruits 

Fruits have more natural sugar 

They both have fibre helps break down food 

You use it and get rid of the waist 

When your sick you body rejects it keeping you safe 

You should have 3 -5 portion of carbohydrate 

You should have 5-6 handfuls of ceral 

Meat fish and alternative are the same amount as you should have milk and dairy 

Unfortunatly the tasty foods ( crisps sweets and chocolate … ) are the least you should have 

In school we have PE physical education 2 a week 

We do food food 

We have a salf bar 

Sorts day 

After school clubs 


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  1. This is probably the longest log every . Well I didn’t think so because I was the one that tipped it out . It was every thing we said in the lesson .

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