Monthly Archives: September 2015

Chez Moi


The French topic this term has been ‘Chez Moi ‘ to help us understand vocabulary used to describe houses. Today, we used our vocabulary and grammar knowledge from this topic to write complete paragraphs about our houses. Can anybody add sentences about your house? 





This afternoon you will be researching famous volcanic eruptions and looking into patterns of volcanic activity around the world.

Use these links to help you:

Comparing fractions


We used fraction walls and knowledge of common denominators today to compare the size of different fractions. One of us had the brilliant idea that we could use tenths on the fraction wall to help us compare mixed numbers with fifths because two tenths are equal to one fifth. 


Best Manners


Today is our chance to design posters for the competition Mrs McCarthy has arranged. As a class, we need to decide on our best poster to encourage good manners and take it to assembly on Monday. Will 6R’s chosen poster win the competition?