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Singing practice


Wow! Year 6 are singing amazingly well in preparation for their assembly! Keep it up! 


Leavers Assembly


Year 6’s final assembly will be in the morning of Thursday 16th July. We hope lots of parents and families will be able to make it! Year 6 will also be performing in the music concert in the afternoon on the same day.

University of Warwick French Project


This year the University of Warwick is 50 years old. As part of their anniversary celebrations, the French department have asked us to participate in a project all about France. We started this afternoon and we are finding out about:

*’Astrix the Gaul’ film 

*Disneyland Paris

*the Channel Tunnel 

*1998 football World Cup

*Euro currency 


Holbrook vs Templars – Rounders match report.


It is rare for an umpire in a match to write up a report but today’s match was a little different.

Unfortunately, we were knocked out of the City rounders competiton but the team wanted to play more matches.  At a PE course I made a contact with a team in the finals and arrange a training a session and friendly match, as Templars had never made the finals before.

To allow more pupils to take part a new team was put together, so straight after school the new team had a quick training session to learn their positions, before Templars arrived.  As the match was for them to learn, Mr Connolly allowed them to have a batting and fielding practise as he offered some useful coaching tips.   As umpire he had to remain unbiased but Acting Team Manager, Miss Aktar, and coach, Mr Pahal watched on, assessing the oppositions strengths and weaknesses.

After last minute team talks the match started, wearing my familiar white cricket fielding hat, I stood clipboard in hand on the back line ready to officiate the match.  Winning the daisy pull – much like a coin toss at football – Maahisha chose to field.  

There is little to be said about Holbrook’s fielding apart from clinical! It was a near flawless performance only One error slight resulted in 1/2 rounder being scored and that was due to not having played together for long enough as a team but that was it!  Templars played well, they hit some good balls but tight fielding kept the scoring down low.  After 16 good balls it was all over as the last Templars batter was stuck at 2nd.

As I always say, good fielding wins rounders matches, but when it is your turn to bat you need to square up and put a score on the umpires card.  After a half time talk Miss Aktar had to go leaving Mr Pahal in sole charge of the team.   

If the fielding was impressive the batting was outstanding, Tawfig hitting a rounder from a ball bouncing off the ground, Tyler walloping two no balls so high they came down with snow on them, before even the halfway mark Maahisha realised the Holbrook team had won.  Even safe in that knowledge the team played their BEST, always looking for a cheeky half rounder; for stealing a base from a ball behind or running all four bases on a unhit ball.  The quality of play was no less than awesome.

Only at one point did I fail in my impartial umpiring duties, when I went to call for a Holbrook player to run!  But as I was offering tips and advice mid match to Templars didn’t feel that bad, especially as the player was listening carefully to Mr Pahal.

Post match the team showed fine spirits, offering three cheers and then as hosts offering squash and a birthday fairy cakes as I offered a few coaching tips and words of advice as well as our good lucks to the teachers for their match in the finals.

It was a fine way to spend my birthday, umpiring a great match with my team showing fine sportsmanship and to top to off a Holbrook win 15-3!