Monthly Archives: April 2015

3D Sketching


In art today we were looking at how to make our Easter Island Head sketches 3D. We had to remember to use our sketching techniques that we learnt last week and we used isometric paper for the first time to help us. We think we did pretty well, take a look.




Shhhh… Want to know a secret?


Just after half term we are joining in with the British Nutrition Foundation’s Healthy Eating Week, we won’t get a whole week as we are off on the Monday, but we will do lots of activities to promote Healthy Eating.

Before the week starts the Foundation wants to find out what you know and do already about food and healthy living.  Below is a link to their survey.

Hurry as it closes on the 8th May!


We are games programmers


Today in computing we are starting our work as games developers.  When we create a game we need to have a idea of how we want it to work.  Lots of computer games work in similar ways and the context of the game has changed.  Programmers decompose a game…  break it down into smaller manageable chunks.

Today you are going to test three different games each that by the end of the unit of work you could create, but it will be your own version.