Cars: the final outcome


Yesterday! our judges from Unipart came to join us. We brought all of the work we had done together and presented to the judges. Some of us wore our smartest clothes to impress! Everybody felt a little nervous: not only did we have to present in front of the judges, all of our classmates were there watching us too.

We also had to make sure that our car successfully drove for 2m. It was decided that The Fabulous Five were the winners. Well done to Muminah, Sabaa, Atiyyah, Natasha and Serena!! They very much enjoyed their time in the impressive Aston Martin, which was brought along specifically for the winners to enjoy.

We are very proud of everybody in year 6, who put so much effort into their car making and presentations. Well done!!












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  1. L0L! I had a nice time in the Aston Martin Also miss you put the most embarrassing pictures of us
    when we were trying to get into the car.It was also terrifying for our group because half of the time our car moved and the other half IT DIDN’T!!! Im so glad we won
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Yeah it was really annoying and frustrating!! But we stll WON!!!!!
    I still remember when me and Sabaa screamed in excitement!!!!! BUT IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! Miss Collins, by the way when is the assembly for the car because I can’t wait!!!!!
    Yeah and the Aston Martin was AWESOME!!!!!!

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