WALT use google forms to create a survey.


In Computing we are going to use technology to create and analyse forms and present our findings.  The first thing any good Market Researcher needs is to gather opinions of customers (Current or Potential) or members of the public.  This can be done in many ways, stopping people in the street, ringing them up or using technology.

Sending out online surveys is becoming increasingly popular infact Mrs Lama used one for our reading survey.  There are lots of online programs that can do this for us – many are free.  Today we will learn to use google forms to create an online survey.


Login to google :-

6Z:- holbrookyear6z@gmail.com

6C:- holbrookyear6c@gmail.com

6E:- holbrookyear6e@gmail.com

Your teacher will give you the password



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  1. I really loved iit and that day was my favourit day in my live and i hope if more and more people vote equally and i hope if we get to do it again ,if we can !!!(WHAT ELSE COULD BE MORE FUN THAN THIS ONE)

  2. AESOME!!I really enjoyed them well one of them but hey i bet they are all are going to be great and i bet that no one likes multi coloured car i do cuz if you dont know wich colour to choose from then just choose a multi coloured one !!!! L.O.L

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