Just Beat It…


Dance in Year 6 has suddenly become too tricky for Mr Connolly with his group, there is just so many steps to learn but everyone in his group is doing amazingly well working with Scarlett. For the last too weeks we have been working in unison but the dance has changed to work in cannon! Miss Aktar is really starting to rule the dance floor as she has all the moves memorised.


Mrs Carman & Mrs Hodge group for dance have been creating poses mid dance with Vanessa. It has been tricky for the group to move together so it looks great for the final performance. Remembering the moves is tricky and sometimes the group forgets to smile.


Mr Pahal joined in with Mrs Bhinders group this week as Mr Potter was unable to make the minibus, even though he has missed lots of the steps he showed lots of energy and enthusiasm. Sarah group have an individual dance motif in the dance.



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  1. Mr conolly that’s really bard for giving up !!!
    Your supposed to show your BEST and that giving up is not par of it. !!!!
    Well done to miss Aktar for showing BEST

    • Kinza, I think when I went to take pictures of the other groups and checking up how well pupils were behaving and thinking how we can film our final performance I missed out too many steps from the dance routine so I am struggling to catch up.

      You are of course correct Sticking at it, persevering, is a really important part of BEST so next week I will try harder to see if I can do the routine. I might even practise the steps I know at home.

      Have a BEST point for reminding me of what I should be doing.

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