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Individual elements.


After dancing in time with each other, then in cannon the individual elements to each street dance is being added. Walking around the hall I have seen balances, lifts, cartwheels and lots more. Next week is the last practise week on your routines before you perform to the class. So is it time to think about your street dance costumes.




WALT use google forms to create a survey.


In Computing we are going to use technology to create and analyse forms and present our findings.  The first thing any good Market Researcher needs is to gather opinions of customers (Current or Potential) or members of the public.  This can be done in many ways, stopping people in the street, ringing them up or using technology.

Sending out online surveys is becoming increasingly popular infact Mrs Lama used one for our reading survey.  There are lots of online programs that can do this for us – many are free.  Today we will learn to use google forms to create an online survey.

Login to google :-




Your teacher will give you the password


Just Beat It…


Dance in Year 6 has suddenly become too tricky for Mr Connolly with his group, there is just so many steps to learn but everyone in his group is doing amazingly well working with Scarlett. For the last too weeks we have been working in unison but the dance has changed to work in cannon! Miss Aktar is really starting to rule the dance floor as she has all the moves memorised.


Mrs Carman & Mrs Hodge group for dance have been creating poses mid dance with Vanessa. It has been tricky for the group to move together so it looks great for the final performance. Remembering the moves is tricky and sometimes the group forgets to smile.


Mr Pahal joined in with Mrs Bhinders group this week as Mr Potter was unable to make the minibus, even though he has missed lots of the steps he showed lots of energy and enthusiasm. Sarah group have an individual dance motif in the dance.


Buddy Visits


Today, two visitors from the charity NSPCC came into school to talk to year 5 and 6 about Childline. Pupils were informed how they could contact a councillor to talk to about anything they like and how it would remain confidential unless the person ringing told them they could share what they said or a child’s life was in imminent danger.

Next Friday our visitors will return to run workshops with each class.

Later the visitors contacted Mrs McCarthy to say how well pupils had listened and how sensible their responses to questions were.



Police Visit…


This afternoon, two police officers visited year six to talk to us about how we can keep ourself safe. They told us lots of different places we could go if we need help if we were alone. If we are on the road and think that we need help, either shout FIRE,(people will want to see the fire so they will come), or scream and shout to make yourself visible and noticable. We asked lots of questions and were VERY intrigued.






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