Christmas Jumper Day!


On December 12th for Children In Need we will be wearing Christmassy clothes : Wonzees, jumpers, Santa Hat and many more! As a donation, we need to bring in £1 or a minimum of 50p. You don’t just need to wear something Christmassy, you can wear clothes which represent winter.

If two children brought in £1, it would add up to £2 and would give innocent children cleaner water. It would also give the children warm clothing, blankets and food. From just £1 you are helping children. From the past 90 years Save The Children have been helping families in need. They also helped children during war!They helped many people from Ebola. So far they have treated 265,000 from Ebola.

By Sabaa and Muminah!


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  1. I need no excuse for putting on my Christmas Jumper or ties! I have a new jumper for Friday and have put a link onto the school Twitter account to also help raise the profile.

    Mr C

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