Emergency Webquest…


Year 6 if you are reading this the AT7 centre were unable to come into school to do your PE lesson. I am unfortunately away from school for an hour so can’t be with you therefore I have set you a sporty webquest all about Rugby.


1. There are two codes of rugby. What are they? And why did they split?
2. When did the Rugby Union World Cup start? Who were the first winners?
3. When is the next Rugby Union World Cup taking place?
4. Who are currently the top 5 Rugby Countries in the world?
5. What countries play for the Calcutta Cup? When did it start? Who is in the lead with victories? Why is it called the Calcutta Cup?
6. How many players play on the pitch at any one time in a rugby union team?
7. What rugby team will be playing at the Ricoh Arena soon? When is there first game?
8. Why is Martin Johnson special as an England Rugby Player?
9. What is the home ground of English Rugby Union?
10. Who are England playing in there next match?
11. What dance do the New Zealand Team do before matches?
12. What is the nickname if the South African Team?

Answer by replying to the blog. The clearest answers will win BEST points.

Mr Connolly.


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    • I can see why you have got your Bronze BEST badge Kinza, good answers – you can have a BEST point for me for the correct answer and a BEST point for looking at your classes blog and doing this work at home.

      Mr Connolly.

  1. Question 3

    The next one will take place on 18 September to 31 October 2015 and the final will take place on twickenham turf.

    Question 4

    New Zealand
    South Africa

  2. question 6

    there are 15 players on the pitch.

    qestion 7

    the wasp team will be plaing next and there 1 match will be on sunday 21 december

  3. Question 8

    He is an important player because he had led all the teams he has played for to victory.His achievements are amazingly cool he was a special player and another fact was that he also managed England as well as playing for them.

  4. Question 1

    The two codes of rugby are rugby union and rugby league they split because rugby league had different rules to rugby union resulting in them both to split

  5. The teams that compete are the teams that compete for the six nations trophy.It started on Christmas day 1872 and England hold the trophy so far. It is called the Calcutta trophy because it is always awarded in the Scotland and England match.

  6. england facing a 12-3 defict david campese reached one handed for a ball thrown to action right at a england winger , roy underwood.

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