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Exploring life for Jewish people in World War 2


These links will help you find enough information for your non-chronological report.

World War 2 Biographies


Here is some extra information about Adolf Hitler: 

Winston Churchill:

Emergency Webquest…


Year 6 if you are reading this the AT7 centre were unable to come into school to do your PE lesson. I am unfortunately away from school for an hour so can’t be with you therefore I have set you a sporty webquest all about Rugby.


1. There are two codes of rugby. What are they? And why did they split?
2. When did the Rugby Union World Cup start? Who were the first winners?
3. When is the next Rugby Union World Cup taking place?
4. Who are currently the top 5 Rugby Countries in the world?
5. What countries play for the Calcutta Cup? When did it start? Who is in the lead with victories? Why is it called the Calcutta Cup?
6. How many players play on the pitch at any one time in a rugby union team?
7. What rugby team will be playing at the Ricoh Arena soon? When is there first game?
8. Why is Martin Johnson special as an England Rugby Player?
9. What is the home ground of English Rugby Union?
10. Who are England playing in there next match?
11. What dance do the New Zealand Team do before matches?
12. What is the nickname if the South African Team?

Answer by replying to the blog. The clearest answers will win BEST points.

Mr Connolly.

Coventry School Boys XC Running Championship.


Learning from past experiences Mr Connolly was waiting very early on Saturday morning to drive 9 boys and a parent to Kerseley Grange to take part in the annual XC running championship.

Arriving early we got a prime parking spot inside the school grounds so no running to the start this year. In fact we were early enough to actually be able to walk the whole course and look at the lay of the land. Boggy would be the best description!

Mr Pahal join us in the walk and warm up before we had the team photo… clean and ready to run.

For the first time ever we were fielding two teams. It looked like the B team wouldn’t count in the team competition as we only had 3 runners but them Amaar and Yahyah joined us.
Mr Pahal lead the A team on a gentle warm up so they would be ready to run for the school.

Lead by Tawfig the team jogged to the start, high stepping and heel flicking on the way so they would be read to race.
Gathered with 39 other schools around 220 other runners the team waited. Mrs Rees called each team in order, although small in the Holbrook roar was massive, and then quickly the hooter sounded and the boys raced off following a hare. (an older runner showing the course.)

As the A-team raced off the rest waited by the finish to cheer our runners home. In an impressive 65th position Varundeep charged to the line, improving 30 places from last year. Then followed Brandon, Tawfig and Ali storming home in the Top half of the runners. One more runner was needed for the team to score; Jayden and Abbas quickly followed.

As the A team started to devour the chocolate bars, ignoring the bananas the B-team got kitted up, warmed up and ready to run. Unlike King Henry’s or Bablake who had masses of runners – unlike the A race were a school can only run 6 runners for the B-team any number of runners can take part – we had a small but vocal group of 5. The Holbrook’s Roar led by Mr Pahal could be heard across the misty park at Kerseley.
The hoards of runners charged away when the hooter sounded Zameer and Sameer leading the Holbrook Harriers away before first ditch one went over, with a swift commando style roll was back on his feet determined to get back on with the race.
Sameer lead the team in with a 69th place followed by his brother in 100. Then came the Kara brothers, Amaar followed by Yahyah. Like all good sportsmen and learners, Davinder set himself a target at the start of the race; not to come last… With great fortitude and resilience he stuck at his running over the muddy mile, with support from the A team and Jayden running with him for the last 1/4 of race he kept on going with a huge smile on his face. Hearing Mr Connolly bellow his name on the home straight Davinder’s put in a final spurt and he did it. He finished the race and wasn’t last by a long way – what a great effort.
We may not have won any trophies but the bits showed true Holbrook Spirit, and the 5 keys with the way they competed. I was very proud to take this team to the championships. WELL DONE.


Year 6 Netball Match Report.


On Wednesday 12th November, Maahisha, Muminah, Kinza, Sonia, Asmia, Davinder, Jayden and Tawfig played a netball match at the Xcel Centre. Mr Connolly and Miss Wooding went with us to support and manage the team. On the coach the team elected Maahisha to be the captain and she encouraged the team to try their best!

When we got there we saw the other teams warming up so we did the same. The first match we played was against Spongate. Although they were good, Holbrook school were better! In the first half it was 0-0. Fortunately in the next 7 minutes we scored an amazing two goals to win 2-0.

As we shook hands with our opponents, we gathered around and the team captain (Maahisha) shouted, “Hip! Hip!” followed by the rest of us saying HORRAY!

The next match we played was against Christ the Kings. Unfortunately we lost 4-1. In the first half it was 1 all. The next half they scored 3 times. We didn’t get into a strop, instead we fully respected them and congratulated them.

After that we had a team picture and got onto the minibus for Mr Connolly to drive us back to school.

We look forward to the next match.

Maahisha, Muminah and Kinza.