Famous volcanoes

This afternoon we have been researching key facts about famous volcanoes. We have used our geography skills to locate the volcanoes and explain what happened when they erupted. We have been practising presenting the information we have found out and we will use this information to help us with our writing tomorrow.





Violent Volcanoes!

Today you are working in teams to find out about one of these areas linked to volcanic eruptions:

*the Ancient city of Pompeii

*Mount St Helen’s (1980)

*the Ring of Fire

*volcanic eruptions in Iceland

These websites might be useful for finding out more:

BBC Earth

Mount St Helens

Icelandic Volcanoes

Weather Wiz Kidz

Ring of Fire


Also, use the Espresso search box to see if you can locate anything on there!

Alien Soup!

This afternoon we have been investigating alien soup! We have a bowl full of all sorts of different materials. We had to work out what was in the alien soup by making observations and then decide how we would separate the different materials. What did you observe? What techniques would you use to separate the materials?