Sainsburys CSWSport School Games

After beating the best teams in the area, Holbrook’s Rounders Team were chosen as one of the Two Teams to represent Coventry West in the school games, competing against the best teams from Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire, (CSW)
Like a footballer playing at the World Cup, rather than wearing your normal club strip, you get awarded your area colour. Much to the delight of Miss Aktar it was purple. She was jealous as she wanted her own shirt so Mr Connolly got 3 made for the teachers!

Like the World Cup or the Commonwealth games all the athletes gathered together for an opening ceremony in front of lots of bigwigs. We saw Chinese Dancing Dragons and a group performing an African Dance before the speeches.

Then it was onto the field to play. The tournament was played out on a huge field with 7 rugby pitches. Each of the 16 teams on the field had won many qualifying matches in their region and earned the right to wear their area’s colours. It was like a walking rainbow as teams found the right pitch and got settled ready for the start.

We could make a lot of excuses for not coming home with a medal, but we are good sportsmen and women. Our aim before we started the day was to enjoy the experience; take part with a smile and play fair. We did that with aplomb. We played our best for each of the matches; our record was 3 wins and 2 losses. Looking back, there are areas of our game we need to work on to be even better, however that mantle will pass onto future Holbrook’s teams to try and rival our success.

After the medal ceremony we had a tour of the athletes’ village and tried other sports, playing with and against other competitors; Dancing, Football and Hockey. Mr Connolly was disappointed that his amazing goal against the hockey coach was missed on camera, but his two left footed dancing was caught.

Again the team were sporting ambassadors for Holbrook School; Idress (C), Reese, Khiezer, Abel, Seif, Maryam, Mandeep, Ahlena and a big well done to Faizan, Kinza and Maaisha from Year 5 who played in the team for the missing Year 6 players.

As this will be my final rounders post for the Year 6 blog 2013-14, I am going to use the last paragraph to thank people who have helped make this such an amazing season. Firstly to Mrs Khan for coming to so many of our matches both this year and last year and to Miss Aktar and Mr Pahal who have helped to encourage and assist the coaching of the team so well this season.

Mr Connolly
Team Manager