Technical descriptions


This week we have been learning how to write technical descriptions of objects. We started off working on rides and then described cars. We had to make sure we didn’t make our writing persuasive, as that wasn’t the purpose of our writing.

Have a look at this brilliant example written by Shabaz:

The Ferrari 458 is a car, which was launched in 2014 in Coventry by the British manufacturer Unipart. It is produced in England and already 27 cars have been sold. The make is Y4 4L1. 

Firstly, the maximum speed is 182mph, which is more that the average for a car to go. The interia has weather resistant paint and also has air bags with extra softness. It now has a sat nav, massage chairs and a leather interior. This car has 7 gears, which gives it a big impact on speed.

Furthermore, the Ferrari 458 is equipped with a triple turbo diesel engine, which give 186 bhp under the bonnet. It has power steering, which gives it a smooth ride. The rider has new technology, sticky steering wheel and touch screen navigation and voice recognition.

Regarding safety, this car is equipped with a safety bar, which automatically locks it self. The hydraulic oil brakes gives it a smooth not screeching brake.

We feel this is our best version made and we hope you like it.



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